Tour Alberta for Cancer | Alberta Cancer Foundation

In 2021 the Alberta Cancer Foundation revamped its largest long standing peer-to-peer fundraiser into the new Tour Alberta for Cancer – and Virtu was by their side to champion the campaign. We defined a pandemic-savvy path for an extensive marketing campaign and multi-modal event experience. 

From the launch of the brand from our Calgary streaming studio through to the province-wide event day, we created live and on-demand hosted content, interactive cycling training sessions and a hybrid day-of experience in which our dozens-strong videography and emcee teams spanned cycling routes throughout Alberta feeding freshly captured content back to our production teams in Toronto, Calgary and Vancouver. These teams quickly edited, packaged and broadcast the latest updates. 

Riders may have had a choose-your-own-adventure type of Tour but our teams kept them in sync with fellow cyclists, their donors and media outlets across Alberta. And the result: $2 million fundraised for the Alberta Cancer Foundation – exceeding expectations.