CerviCAL ACT!ON | Eliminating Cervical Cancer in the Americas

We are in the early stages, but this is going to be epic.

CerviCAL ACT!ON is a project endeavouring to eliminate cervical cancer in the Americas by 2030. This campaign will set the world on course to save the lives of 62 million women within a century.

Cervical cancer is largely a preventable disease. Affordable vaccination, screening and treatment options already exist. CerviCAL ACT!ON’s mandate is to gather the brightest and most influential minds from throughout the 35 member nations of the Americas at biennial congresses hosted in Calgary, Canada, and define population-specific implementation strategies that will be enacted and measured in those countries over the succeeding two years. Virtu has been engaged as the primary conference organizer and marketing agency. We are building all of the promotions, content, sponsorship strategies, documentations, event experiences, supplying the staffing, A/V, entertainment management and many other parts. But that’s not all. The other component of this campaign is the public engagement and multi-billion dollar fundraising figure – which Virtu is also leading. 

Partners for this world changing project include Rotary Calgary Downtown, Rotary International, HEWRAG, the Pan-American Health Organization and is built on the backbone of the World Health Organization’s Cervical Cancer Elimination Plan.

This project needs many partners, will you be one of them?