ART / TECH | Éōs and Nyx

We say that Virtu is composed of artists of electricity because that space where technology and creativity overlap is where we have so much fun.

Éōs and Nyx is a wearable technology piece created by one of Virtu’s founders, Zoë Klintberg Nagy. Over a thousand individually programmable lights are woven throughout the gossamer fabric of the dress. Specially engineered to respond to real-time environmental stimuli, the dress comes to life with video-based visuals. It’s raining? The dress puddles and storms. The sun is rising? So it is on the dress. But, the dress also elicits the story of Éōs, Greek Goddess of the Dawn. The custom leather work accentuates these points. And Nyx – the cloak representing the Goddess of the Night, juxtaposes the dress’s brilliant. Laced with hundreds of metres of fibre optic cable, the Nyx cloak dazzles with constellations from the night sky. Éōs and Nyx has toured runways in New York, San Francisco, Guangzho and Art Toronto.